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We help hotel owners save significant sums of money and at least one year on a hotel opening.


We have developed a cutting-edge advantage in our 20 years of successfully transforming interiors of more than 200 hotels in 19 countries for most of the major and emerging industry brands.

We help hotel owners save significant sums of money and at least one year on a hotel opening. We accomplish this by leveraging our wealth of experience, our focus on continuous innovation, and our network of trusted suppliers and manufacturers across Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Our diverse team of international professionals optimize space to maximize value, and they deliver exceptional service through every step of the process, from design concept to final-stage installation.

We uphold the highest ethical standards and best practices to earn the trust of our customers. We consistently exceed clients’ expectations.

We free them from the hassles of headaches of managing complex, multifaceted projects, and deliver interiors so memorable that guests can’t wait to return.

Hotelier Interiors has gained a reputation as a financially strong and reliable hospitality industry leader.

Our robust balance sheet and capital position give us the capacity to execute multiple projects across a variety of markets.

Our strong net cash position and financial flexibility ensure that we can carry through everything from a modest renovation to a 1,000-room fit-out valued at $35 million.

Our bottom line and solid resources support our strategy for continued growth and success.

Our Dubai-based company operates two brands:


Hotelier, producing full-service, customized interior packages for bespoke hotels, resorts and residential chotelier_logo_largeompounds.

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Budget Hotel, an innovative one-stop provider of predesigned collections of budget_logo_largefully-matching guest rooms, bathrooms, corridors, lobbies and dining areas.

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Both brands showcase their offerings in state-of-the art studios and warehouses, where clients experience their chosen design of rooms and public spaces in actual-size mock-ups, ensuring that they get the space they want and need.