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Our success is built on our outstanding team of dedicated, innovative and ethical professionals.

Our Team

We have assembled a multinational team committed to achieving the highest standards in our industry and delivering exceptional products and services — earning the trust of our clients along every step of the process.

Our team is led by European Management and we operate from headquarters in Dubai as well as branches in Egypt and China. Our team members — from Denmark, Spain, Serbia, Ukraine, Philippines, China, Jordan and Egypt — bring a truly global sophistication and sensibility to our projects.


Our staff in Dubai and Cairo are responsible for developing corporate strategy and industry-leading business practices; providing sound financial oversight, analysis and forecasting; maintaining and enhancing relationships with clients; ensuring on-time delivery of goods and services; implementing training and productivity programs; and identifying market trends and new business opportunities.

Our teams in Dubai and China supervise our workshops and showrooms, ensuring that our guest room mock-ups and orders meet client specifications and quality standards. Our staff oversee value engineering; coordinate sourcing, manufacturing, packing and shipping; and streamline communication and account management between our back office and our vendors and customers.

Our employees are our company’s ambassadors, consistently adhering to our core principals and attaining extraordinary client value.