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Budget Hotel


Budget Hotel is an innovative one-stop provider of pre-designed collections of harmonized guest rooms, bathrooms, corridors, lobbies and dining areas.

Budget Hotel was started in 2014 in response to demand from clients for modern interiors, fully-designed and ready for installation.

With top international designers, we created five cutting-edge, contemporary collections — Vanilla, Pina Colada, Macchiato, Brownie, and Hazelnut.

Our formatted designs, value engineering, and supply-chain efficiency enable us to produce and deliver each collection quickly and at bargain prices.

We optimize space by fitting the same amenities of a standard hotel room into fewer square meters — ensuring optimal comfort for guests and higher revenues and lower costs for owners.

We offer several colour schemes for each collection, and encourage clients to inspect and test everything from mattresses to desk chairs, from shower heads to table lamps, from wine glasses to check-in counters.